About Us

Our Mission

We specialize in solutions for Nail polishing, Nail Art including False Nails.

By understanding the difficulties even the most highly trained nail technician can experience, our aim is to offer the Perfect solution to make your life easier to achieve professional results, every time.

We are committed to listening to you and continuously making improvements to ensure you get the best from Handirest.

About our product

Give yourself a professional manicure and easily achieve your desired results with the help of the Handirest.

The specially designed hand shaped foam allows you to apply polish, nail art, acrylics, gels and false nails with comfort and ease by keeping your hand comfortable and steady, helping you to avoid any possible mistakes.

Making Handirest the ‘Perfect’ manicure accessory for all of your nail applications , One cushion fits all hand sizes and can be used for either the left or right hand.

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