Beauty Blogger Reviews Handirest Manicure Tool

We were delighted this week to find this review of Handirest from blogger and London College of Beauty Therapy lecturer, Beauty Brad – you can take a look at what he’s written here on the Beauty Brad blog.

Brad reviewed the manicure tool from both the perspective of someone applying nail polish themselves for a home manicure, and a nail professional, or Nail Technician who would use it with clients to steady their hands and we were thrilled to see him mention that it works for both.

What did he think?

Brad acknowledged that this is a change to his usual manicure routine saying ‘I’ve been painting nails for years so at first I found it strange trying to change my painting habits and include a new object to my manicure routine .My hesitance didn’t last long as within seconds I was converted to a stable base from which I could happily paint my nails’.

Why is Handirest different?

Most manicurists begin their nail career with training that has traditionally taught them to hold the clients finger whilst applying polish, but this means that many encounter problems with nail clients who fidget, have difficulty keeping still (it’s not comfortable to sit like that for so long for many!), hold their fingers ridged or have shaky hands. The Handirest Manicure Accessory has been designed to support the wrist, hands and fingers so it provides a stable and comfortable base on which to place the hand – whether it’s a home mani, or being used by a nail professional in a salon. It’s a little strange to some to change years of habit, but once they’ve tried it we know many are instantly converts just like Brad. Take a look at the current selection online here.

Thanks so much for the mention Brad!


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