GloTIME Feature Handirest

GloTIME Feature Handirest

We were so excited when online lifestyle channel, GloTIME asked if they could feature Handirest recently! The channel created by the late Sylvia Anderson, creator of  Thunderbirds and her daughter Dee Anderson is dedicated to the Arts, Travel, Food and Lifestyle. The channel strives to give a platform to innovative ideas and wanted to know the story behind the Handirest and how it came about.

Off to the studio…

Handirest inventor, Adrian Houlder and Head of Sales & Marketing, Emma went off to Pinewood Studios for the day where they met with Dee Anderson to chat more about the product before filming began. Emma demonstrated the Handirest and the way in which it can be used for home manicures whilst talking about how the idea was born one Sunday afternoon.


A bit of a joke…

It’s hard to believe, but the Handirest began as a bit of a joke between Adrian and his wife and daughter. After watching a lady painting her nails very awkwardly on television, Adrian had joked about there being a better way to do it. A challenge was thrown down and they then began researching products that would make manicures easier. The first Handirest was a yellow piece of sponge, roughly cut with a knife to the shape of a hand and designed as a support. Of course, the sponge was too soft and didn’t support the hand, but it made Adrian think that there may be something in this idea and he began to work on it more.


Someone picked it up…

Having left the work in progress on a table in the reception area of his business, Adrian was surprised when a visitor asked about it. She subsequently asked if she could feature the product on an upcoming show.  It turned out that she ran a beauty segment on a local radio station in Buckinghamshire. Things snowballed from there and he began to research the nail industry more, speaking to Nail Technicians and asking for their feedback before he officially launched at beauty industry show, Beauty UK. The Handirest sold one a minute over the days at the show. The Handirest has continued to gain in popularity from there with people buying for both home use and professional use in salons. Customers can now purchase through our online webshop


The Handirest


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