Handirest Amongst Scratch Magazine’s Top Tools for Manicures

How exciting to open leading nail industry publication, Scratch Magazine and find our very own Handirest manicure tool listed in their ‘Top Tools’ feature! We were delighted to find Handirest amongst Scratch Magazine’s Top Tools for Manicures feature among so many professional products, and couldn’t be happier that the manicurist’s go-to magazine for nail industry information had chosen to include our manicure accessory.

What is it?

In short this clever little tool holds the hand comfortably whilst supporting the wrist and fingers throughout the application of nail polish, gels, foils, acrylics and more intricate nail art, and has quickly become a salon essential and home-manicure must have for many.

The popular manicure tool stabilizes the hand keeping fingers in the optimum position, whilst still allowing the user flexibility to move the Handirest to help them minimize wobbles and achieve the best results.

Sometimes we all need a little help…

As most nail professionals will testify, it’s often difficult to keep still throughout the duration of a manicure, so the Handirest provides an effective solution, allowing more control, steadying those who may be a little shaky or those who simply have fidgety fingers!  The front of the Handirest is slightly raised and fingers are separated to ensure a smudge-free mani, meanwhile the curved front edge, allows flexibility where you are able to bring the hand further forward when applying polish in a downward motion, or keep the fingers slightly flatter for other kinds of nail applications.

Pink Handirest Manicure Tool

Pink Handirest Manicure Tool


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