Handirest Launch on QVC

Handirest Make Teleshopping Debut

Handirest Launched on teleshopping channel QVC earlier this week, bringing the manicure tool to the masses! The product was introduced by Handirest’s Emma who guest presented on The Morning Show alongside QVC’s Simon Biagi. The show, which also featured OPI nail products including nail polish, was the first time Handirest had featured on a teleshopping channel, and the product certainly seemed to go down well with viewers!

Filming took place at QVC’s UK head office in Chiswick Park, Chiswick with the programme going out live on air. Emma demonstrated how the Handirest could be used for home manicures, applying polish to show just how easy it was and both the pink and purple Handirest’s went down well with the audience at home.


QVC studios in Chiswick

How Does It Work?

This simple, but effective idea has been developed to provide a firm and stable base on which the user can comfortably place their hand throughout a manicure.  The Handirest cushion holds the hand comfortably whilst supporting the wrist and fingers throughout the application of nail polish, gels, foils, acrylics and more intricate nail art resulting in a more ‘salon-finish’.

A Professional

Already embraced by nail professionals up and down the country, Handirest has proven the perfect solution for combating those who are maybe a little shaky or simply have fidgety fingers resulting in a smudged, or less than perfect manicure.  With the fingers held in the optimum position, slightly raised and separated to ensure a smudge free manicure and a curved front edge, the Handirest is flexible allowing you to bring the hand further forward when applying polish in a downward motion, or keep the fingers slightly flatter for other kinds of nail applications.

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