Handirest Manicure Tool in Professional Beauty Magazine

It’s so exciting to open a magazine and find your product featured, which is exactly what happened this week with manicure tool, Handirest and Professional Beauty magazine!

Handirest appeared in the British beauty industry publication, aimed at Beauty Therapists and professional salons in their Nail Bites feature which appears monthly with manicure product news. The publication featured the launch of the new Baby Pink Handirest, a pastel shade added for spring 2017.



Is it just for beauty professionals then?

The Handirest was originally launched at a beauty industry show, Beauty UK and was immediately embraced by Beauty Therapists and salon owners keen to keep clients hands comfortable and steady throughout a manicure, but as time went on it became apparent that the Handirest could be used for all kind of nail applications from standard nail polish, to far more intricate nail art and that it was ideal for home use for those wishing to perfect their own manicure technique.

Salons snapped it up

Throughout their launch show, the Handirest was sold at a rate of one a minute – not bad for a previously unknown product! The comments from manicurists ranged from those who wanted to use it with particular clients, to those just starting out and needing a helping hand to get that extra element of control whilst working on clients nails. However, many also mentioned how they’d use it themselves at home, and that’s the beauty of the Handirest manicure tool – it’s suitable for both home use and professional use, a simple idea that works for everyone.



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