New Pastel Handirest Manicure Tool for Spring

Handirest Ltd, inventors and distributors of Handirest, The Perfect Manicure Accessory are delighted to celebrate the launch of their newest addition, the Baby Pink Handirest – the first of their 2017 launches! The company are extending their range due to demand, and have begun with adding this new pastel shade to their current selection, just in time for Spring.

Developed for nail professionals

Originally developed to provide a firm and stable base on which clients can comfortably place their hand throughout a manicure, the Handirest is now a salon essential for many Nail Tech’s and Manicurist’s across the UK.  Unlike a traditional wrist rest which salons have used in the past, this holds the hand comfortably whilst also supporting the wrist and fingers throughout the application of nail polish, gels, foils, acrylics and more intricate nail art.

So simple…

The latex free manicure tool holds the clients hand and encourages them to keep their fingers in the optimum position throughout their treatment. As any nail professional will testify, clients often find it difficult to keep still throughout the duration of a manicure, so the Handirest provides a comfortable and effective solution, allowing more control and steadying those who may be a little shaky or those who simply have fidgety fingers!  The front of the Handirest is slightly raised and fingers are separated to ensure a smudge free manicure, whilst the curved front edge, allows you to bring the hand further forward when applying polish in a downward motion, or keep the fingers slightly flatter for other kinds of nail applications.



Hygienic and easy to clean

All Handirest’s are durable, hygienic and resistant to acetone, allowing them to be easily and quickly cleaned using nail polish remover, pure acetone or a sanitizing spray for use with clients time and time again.


What about home use?

The Handirest is a flexible little tool and can be easily used for home manicures allowing the user greater control, therefore making it easier than ever to achieve better results in the comfort of your own home.

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