Enhance Your Nail Salon and Manicure Service

display-packIf you are already selling manicure products add the Handirest to your range.

Handirest the ultimate manicure cushion, used in salons or during home manicures. No matter what type of manicure you provide, you have to place your hand on something, so why not experience the comfort of the Handirest. A well finished manicure requires a certain amount of skill, especially more intricate work such as nail art. So if you are selling nail products the Handirest is a great product to have and will compliment the products and services you sell.

For professionals

088Handirest is not a gimmick but an essential manicure accessory. Providing comfort and stability throughout a manicure, the Handirest is a proven manicure essential..

The Handirest provides comfort and stability for all nail applications. Your customers can now rest and relax their hand with the Handirest, adding a little luxury whilst fingers are held in the optimum position for you to do your work. You will no longer need to worry about your customers keeping their fingers still and separated as the Handirest will do the job for you. The soft foam cushion is also perfect for keeping clients hands in one place whilst polish is drying!


Introduce your customers to the latest manicure accessory. Not only can the Handirest be used in the salons, or on the go for mobile beauty therapists and nail technicians, But also sold to the public for home use. Now that’s Handi

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